Preston Welker

designs by preston welker

Tree’s Company explores the potential of an exaggerated sub-scape below furniture that focuses on the relationship between furniture and ground. This exploration, when placed in the context of the site, allows for a seemingly untouched landscape. By lifting the furniture into the canopy and extruding the furniture legs to meet the forest floor, a new volume below the furniture is created, revealing a typically unseen feature of the furniture, the underside, as a new type of ceiling. Approaching the house, one moves through a hybrid forest of existing trees and furniture legs. Among the forest floor, in spaces created by the legs of standing furniture, artificial ground cover interrupt the natural undergrowth, becoming a type of décor, and creating pockets of activity inhabited by creature-like furniture pieces. Through this series of simple moves, two worlds are established within the site; the forest floor and the canopy. The canopy, created initially by a field of tall standing furniture, becomes an array of highly reflective cubes that blur the boundary between artificial and natural enclosure. Although they serve as enclosure, the cubes allow the furniture to break through the floor, revealing their undersides to the forest floor. The cubic volumes appear as a mirage in the canopy, solely supported by the furniture (legs) they enclose. The floor of the cubes serve as built-in storage, as well as house specific amenities, freeing vertical surfaces for panoramic viewing. This new approach to housing design aims to create a sense of escape from the everyday world. The canopy provides privacy and a level intimacy within a naturalistic setting.