Preston Welker

designs by preston welker

The population of Norway has the second highest electrical usage per capita in the world.  We propose an alternative method for the production of energy which is both leisurely and easy to participate in.  We advocate a new form of sustainability which values having fun and reflecting upon a simpler time in life that is not clouded by responsibility.  These values take form in the shape of the swing. For a music festival, a pavilion in which is dedicated to swinging acts as an icon for meeting, as well as a destination for winding down from the busy concert scene.  The swings are a way to relax, but also serve as a living diagram to demonstrate sustainable impact for the event space, Norway, and the world at large.  Swingers participate in a network which power various lighting features locally, producing a dynamic and otherworldly atmosphere for visitors to witness. The pavilion is a stage comprised of two parts: the farm and the city.  At the farm level, the network of swings produce energy which lights the upper level, the city.  This effect produces a united network of energy production which literally powers the city above it.  At its heart, Swing Theory is an awareness campaign to show that every individual, by doing their small part, can make a grand impact on the world at large.