Preston Welker

designs by preston welker

Culture of House is a cultural center that takes the shape of a house with legs. Culture of House used the perception of form and scale to symbolize the congregation of the community and highlight the separation between interior and exterior, as well as provide a link between interior programs. Its overall form suggests a gabled roof home that is scaled up and cladded with a ‘cozy’ representative of three urban facades, which respond to scaling that occurs within the building. These Interactions introduce a collision between Urban scale and Domestic, designed to invite people into a world where familiar becomes unhomely. ‘House appears to float above the site, allowing access by way of large front steps leading to performance and exhibition spaces. The library creates an introverted atmosphere that allows a person to find their own place within its tufts. The attic of the house becomes a place of wonder and discovery, where things once forgotten find new life. Culture of House provides an environment for community interaction and the opportunity for self-discovery through a staggered hierarchy of personalized spaces; the objects within a house.